The Midway Bakery Menu

Everything we bake is made by hand with real ingredients, no fillers, gels or stabilizers — just butter, sugar, cream and chocolate. Our flours come from Weisenberger Mill down the road; most of the corn and wheat is raised right here in Kentucky. Our chocolate and comes from Ruth Hunt Candies in Mount Sterling. Our pecans are from the Kentucky Nut Corp. in Hickman, Ky.

If you have a favorite that is not on our menu, drop off the recipe and we’ll give it a try!

We always have daily bakery and lunch specials! Just ask!
Old-fashioned Pies
Order your favorite pie — or pies for holidays — by 4 p.m. weekdays (2 p.m. weekends) and we will have it ready for pickup by 4 p.m. the next day (2 p.m. Sundays)

Sour Cream Apple        Slice $2.95         Whole Pie $14.95
Fresh-sliced Granny Smith apples, stacked high with sour cream and a brown sugar-and-butter crumb topping

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan    Slice $3.95        Whole Pie $21.95
Our version of an old Kentucky favorite: decadent dark chocolate filling spiked with bourbon and stuffed with Kentucky pecans

Peanut Butter Mousse Pie        Slice $3.95        Whole Pie $21.95
Salted espresso crust chocolate cookie crust with peanut butter cream cheese mousse drizzled with chocolate

Pie of the Day        Market price
We will have seasonal fruit pies all year long — check our case to see what's new!

Sara’s Buttery Corn on the Cob Cookie        $1.50    $15.95/ dozen
Tastes like farm-fresh sweet Silver Queen corn slathered in butter

Rona’s Sorghum Crinkle                $1.50    $15.95/dozen
An old family recipe from local cookbook author Rona Roberts and her mother, made with the top sorghum in the United States, Woodford County’s own Country Rock Sorghum!

Woodford Chocolate Oatmeal            $1.50     $15.95/dozen
Cocoa oatmeal cookie studded with cranberries, pecans and chocolate chips

Our Famous Jumbo Cookies
A tradition at our sister restaurants, Wallace Station Deli, Windy Corner Market and Smithtown Seafood!

Jumbo Oatmeal Raisin                $2.95/each  
Chocolate Chip                $2.95/each
Peanut Butter                    $2.95/each
Ginger Gem                        $2.95/each

Bars and Brownies
Lemon Bars                        $3.95
With lemon juice and zest and a rich, buttery crust

Extra Fudgy Brownie    $3.95
Dense and rich, topped with chocolate ganache

New York Cheesecake Brownie    $3.95
Our fudgy brownie swirled with creamy New York cheesecake batter

Cupcake of the Day                $2.50
Rich and delicious no matter what flavor our bakers choose!

Muffins, Scones and Sweetbreads
Country Ham, Chive and Cheddar Scone        $3.95
The Betty Ann Scone        $3.95
Slightly sweet with apricots, dried cranberries and white chocolate — a favorite of one of our favorite ladies!
Cinnamon Streusel Scone               $3.95
Blueberry Muffin                      $2.95
Sweet Potato Streusel Muffin $2.95
Muffin of the Day               $2.95
Cinnamon Roll with Icing         $2.95


Lunch Bagel Sandwiches
Bluegrass Bagel — Thin-sliced country ham with cream cheese and homemade apple butter $5.95
Chicken Salad Bagel $5.95
Bagel and Lox $5.95

Breakfast Sandwich! Available daily
Stacked with Cheddar cheese omelet, choice of ham or sausage, on biscuit or English muffin $3.95

The Gluten-free Zone
Please check The Zone for our daily gluten-free selections, which can include muffins, cookies, pies, scones or more! In place of refined wheat flour, we use a mixture of sorghum flour, tapioca starch, garbanzo flour, potato starch and white fava bean flour for these delicious goodies. Recent selections have been a ham, Cheddar and chive scone, sweet potato muffin, chocolate chip cookie and Chocolate Bourbon pie!
Gluten-free Bread Loaf      $7.00 (Call 24 hours ahead, please)
Daily selections           Please check the case or call

Bagels & Quiche
Chewy Handmade Bagel            $1.50
Poppyseed Bagel     $1.50
Everything Bagel     $1.50
Each bagel is served with cream cheese schmear

Michel Family Long Island Bagel and Lox    $5.95
Scallion cream cheese and smoke-cured salmon
Bluegrass Bagel      $5.95
Thin-sliced country ham with cream cheese and homemade apple butter

Quiche of the Day         Slice $2.95     Whole Quiche $15.95
Vegetarian Quiche         Slice $2.95     Whole Quiche $15.95

Baguette                        $2.00
Gluten-free Bread Loaf      $7.00 (Call 24 hours ahead, please)

Frozen Mini Buttermilk Biscuits            $4/dozen
Real Griddle-cooked English Muffins        $1.50 each
Biscuits and English muffins are stored in a freezer bag for easy baking at home. Bake from a frozen state — claim them as your own.

We served our house blend coffee (details below), Elmwood Inn teas and a selection of juices and sodas.

Our House Blend

Dark Roast Blend of Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Central and South America. The beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified, which means they are grown and harvested sustainably. The beans are hand roasted in small batches.

Our decaffeinated brew
100% Organic Swiss Water Process Decaf Inca blend, dark roasted from organic coffees in Central and South America. Also Rainforest Alliance Certified.